Andy the Sim!

Looked for straight on pics...Andy's the "lucky" one...muhahahaha!
Stick him in a skin...stretch to fit...add some leopard spots (which don't seem to show up later). Due to, his face isn't quite lined up he has a good and bad side...kind of like Jekyll and Hyde. The floating head in the command interface is particularly amusing, but I couldn't get a picture of that.
Here's Andy!
He immediately inspected all the stuff in his house...he approved greatly of the black and white tv. Must be tired of all that color stuff.
Andy gets swarmed with of which is my other Sim, Mr. Hoover.
Andy makes weird skiing conversation...
it goes on.
This is Andy's good side.
Mr. Newbie shows up...Andy has a weird expression on his face.
Andy shakes his groove thing for Mr. Newbie.
Whoa! Poor, innocent Mr. Newbie is exploring Andy's bathroom...Andy sneaks up behind him, seriously violating his personal space.
Mr. Newbie whips around, rather creeped out. Andy smiles his pretty smile.
Mr. Newbie makes a break for it...Andy grabs him!
I have no figure it out.
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