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I get all sorts of interesting email about my icons. Some of it's odd. Odd enough that one of my friends proclaimed my icons "freak magnets". That friend will remain nameless, lest his name be further sullied, thus increasing his NetHateScore(tm).
"Pure Genius. Fresh. Distinctive. Inventive. Creative. Unique. Weird. etc. You are without a doubt the God of icons! Thanks for another icon collection..."


"You know, I used to have a life. Then I was introduced to Gort's Icons. Soon after that, I quit school, tossed out my porno mags and sold most of my furniture; now I pretty much stay at home and rearrange my Mac desktop all day. Insidious things, these "icons" of yours..."

Fantastic work. Please keep them coming.


"THANK YOU for making my MAC a cooler place to be!!! The day you stop making icons is the day the sun turns black!!!""

Maximilian / nuit

"These little buggers rule."


"...when I see work this neat and find out that the artist isn't being a fee-driven cheesehead, I feel obligated to give credit where it's dues, so...

HOLY COW, man! Your s&*$ is AWESOME!!!! :))

You've exactly the kind of delightfully warped approach to icons I've been looking for. Please rock on."


"A kick-ass site with some of the coolest icons around. You also have a great sense of humor(where do you get it from?) Congratulations on all the great work!!!"


"...extremely cool artform, your icons are colorful and very interesting. i enjoy using your desktop icons and i am a pc user so i definetly needed an icon facelift."


"I liked your icons a lot! They were weird. I like weird. I also liked that you offered a good preview of them before one must commit the hard disk space."


"In the beginning God was making Icon Artists. But, when God made you, Gort, he didn't break the mold. You broke out of it! Kudos to you and your great icons!"

Colin ("NoBeige")

"As far as icons go there are those who go by the rules, and then there's Gort! Gort's icons are not only good, but so different that they deserve to be called truly awesome."

Noel Green

"...the scorpion, the blue-green computer 'ghost' head and the deformed elephant's foot are the best icons yet created for the mac, period."


"These imaginative pixellations are... expertly accomplished, unsurpassed in creativity, and chock full of groovy modelled goodness. Your stuff is art, baby! Yeah!"

"E. E."

"I have long been a fan of your icon sets. How very creative and clever it is of you to have included a document with your icon files stating the origin of the icon names. Very inspirational."


"Yaayyyy! New Gort icons! My life is given new meaning and joy!"


"Love the icons! All three sets! I don't know how you do it, but your icons always look as though they're designed with a larger pallette than anyone else's. They're much more full of life, more detailed, and more fun than anything else out there. I really don't have anything deep to say---just wanted to congratulate you on making damn fine icons."


"Kickin' 2D icons to spice up any boring dinner party."

Naughty Bits

"Your icons are such freak magnets. You should become their leader or something (the freaks that is, not the icons)."


"...singularly oddball..."


"...icons of interesting subject matter with colorful 'punch'."


"Just a quick note to let you know that, as a collector of fine icons, I must say that yours are by far the coolest. I have been collecting icons (and making a few of my own) for quite some time. I've had the first set of Gort's for awhile, but never got around to writing to let you know how they have been polluting my desktop. I just got Gort's 2 from infomac the other day and it sorta jogged my memory. Your icons have been polluting my desktop! There I said it. Don't stop they are too funky."


"I like your icons a lot; you've got a good sense of color and also a good sense of humor."


"I used a bunch of your icons (thanks a million!) 'cause they were just the coolest I'd seen anywhere."


"I really like your icons.... I just redid my desktop to fit the new icon on my HD....."


"I recently came across your 'Vol. II' icons on the web - they're fantastic!"


"Very cool indeed. Lots of fun having such icons as you'll get to feel spooky, funny and satisfy."


"Hip cartoonish manifestations that ooze quality. A wide variety worth checking out."

Evil Peacock's Icon Extravaganza

"Gort's Icons II is a collection of 46 colorful icons. These icons are fun and extremely well done. They range from a happy snowman guy to the Mac OS logo flag on the surface of the moon. The shading of these icons is fantastic. This is worth the download, especially if you love customizing your Mac."

Rainier Arangcon, MacUser Magazine

"Great stuff! incredibly creative and imaginative"


"A loverly different set of icons that you mustn't miss."

Sara, Icon Parade

"Gort's Icons is a set of 45 incredibly creative and imaginative colored icons. You get a red Mac OS icon, some monster faces, a Bobot, a Feek, a GortSkin, a smiling skull and many others. This download comes with a comment file that is as amusing as the icons are!"


"...Well, very cool designed web site and cool icons too!..."


"These icons...they speak to my soul."


"Oddball icons. You won't find icons like this anywhere else. What they lack in good sense they more than make up for in style. Original creations from the brain of Forrest Walter."


"...your icons have the most...character...honesty...intent."


"These icons are the best I have ever seen. Finally someone has broke the mold on all the boring, run of the mill icons, being produced by these no vision so called artist. My Power Mac is completely decorated with your brillant art work. Thank you, and please keep the icons coming, I'm looking forward to more of your work."

J. Krogman

"Thought you'd like to know that some of your excellent icons found their way onto a CD Rom given away with a mag here in the UK called MacFormat. Issue 54 September plopped through my letterbox at 7 this morning. Cool icons Forrest and a supercool web page! Great stuff!!

Keep up the good work! ;)"


"I used a bunch of your icons (thanks a million!) 'cause they were just the coolest I'd seen anywhere."


"I wanted to say I enjoyed your site and love your icons. Get that Vol.3 out will ya?"



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