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Gort's Icons, Mac OS X User Pictures

Whole big bunches of'em.

The default user pictures for Mac OS X aren't bad, but I needed something a little different...so I converted Volumes 3, 4, and 5. Voila!

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Mac OS X User Pictures

user pictures


To Install:

  • Move the "Gort's Icons - User Pictures" folder to your /Library/User Pictures folder.

  • Under the Apple Menu, choose "System Preferences" (if "System Prefs" is already running, quit it, and run it again...this makes it re-scan the User Pictures folder for new stuff)

  • In System Preferences, choose "Users"

  • Choose a user, and click "Edit User"

  • Scroll through the user pictures at the bottom, until you get to Gort's Icons...choose the picture you want to use, and click "OK".

  • To see it in action, choose "Log Out..." from the Apple menu. When the login box comes up, your new user picture should be beside your name.


If you don't like scrolling through piles and piles of user pictures, you can remove whatever you want from the /Library/User Pictures folder. You may need to be an admin to do this, I'm not sure.


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