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Gort's Icons - Volume 5

This is my first Mac OS X/Windows XP set. I like the big icons, but the change in technique was tough. There are some hits and misses in this collection...some icons look great bigger, and with more detail...others look like they got in a fight and lost. What is particularly discouraging is using the icon scaler in OS X's view options, and moving from 32x32 to just above that...since the 128's were mostly eyeballed, there are sometimes disturbing differences between the 32's and the 128's. But hey, who's going to sit around and move that slider back and forth watching details shift and pop? I mean more than once.

Anyway, here they are...my apologies for the long delay of their arrival...enjoy!

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01010pump I really like how the 128 version of this one turned out. The original was a leftover from a freeware icon donation project for a compression utility. Bax
The little box in the middle was lifted from the Aliens Vs. Predator icons I did...when it looked like AvP was dead, I figured I ought to get some sort of use out of them. Then, voila, AvP comes back from the dead, and I feel dorkish.
I think the blips resemble a head.
Another heart-thing...I guess I like to do round, valvy objects. This closely resembles the MacAmp skin I made, eons ago.
Don't know much about this one, other than it's a cute little computer.
I made a tank icon for Gamers.com that I just loved, and not wanting be evil and rip them off, I made a new one from scratch...but it's heavily inspired by the original. The explosion background in the 128 doesn't totally turn my crank, but hey.
Symetrical icons are so easy. I like the shine on the 128.
"Them zombies is hongray." This was lifted from my previous website intro page and cleaned up.

This was also lifted from my website. It's one of the few icons I've done that doesn't have black in it.

Ouch...this is my sad attempt at a realistic human face. I need more practice I guess.

DeepC Entity
Creepy underwater not-alone-ness.
Some guy emailed me and said that he his friends had started a new religion based on DinoGuppy. How unfortunate.
I made this because I needed a download folder icon that would look good in the Dock. Another open-top box with a glow inside. Self, it's getting old.
Robot with drama.
Exclaim It Brother!
- Also lifted from my website. I am shameless.

I love this icon. Cats rock.
I don't really like this one, but it puts me one closer to the magical 45.
After I was done, I realized it looked a lot like one of the "scrubbing bubble" things from the soap commercial.
I like this guy. He reminds me of the grumpy eagle on The Muppets. I should do more icons that express an emotion.
Kind of reminds me of the Halo player models.
I like this one...and it's one of the many "teeth" icons.
I made this for Belkin's Bulldog UPS software...I never sent it to them though. I do that a lot...get annoyed with crummy-looking software, redesign it...and by the time I'm done, the fuming is over, and I don't care enough to hunt down somebody to send the redesign to.
Looks kind of like those South American stone head things.
I like this one...shades of Boba Fett. The denting effect in the 128 is interesting, but I'm not sure I like it.
Spoken as Chris Walken would. Or how my friend Andy thinks he would. I like the face.
REALLY like this one...it's a doodle & teeth icon, but I can get over that.
I needed to pump up the cute ratio of this collection. I believe my beaver-rendering has progressed since Volume 1...(grin).
Very pretty. Curvy, shiny...what's not to like?
Neat eyes.
For the longest time, I couldn't get this phrase out of my head.
I needed a free thumbnail catalog making app...so I found one, and the icon was a little drab, so I made a new one and sent it to the author. He didn't answer. His loss is your gain.
Mark and I were watching some sort of politician...Mark said he was a mime. Then he challenged me to make an icon of a politician mime. IN YOUR FACE, DOUBTER!
He's red, and he's yelling. Stop with the teeth already!
More teeth! ARG!

One of my favorites...I wanted a new downloads folder icon (to replace that yellow one I had made a while ago), and this was the result. I like the sketchy black outline. This was one of the first icons that began as a 128, followed by the 32 version. I think the 32 suffers from "afterthoughitis."
Another little unexplainable thing.
Big pink shoe. I watched David Copperfield on PBS while I made the 128.
More cute! Anything with cartoon eyes is cute!
Just a big mouth. No snake, just the mouth.
Simple, but pleasing.
I really like the colors in this one...and saying the name out loud makes me laugh every time.
Kind of looks like a Christmas ornament...I can almost feel the bumps.
"Yarrr...Aye drop'd me black pyrl in yon ferrrrrn, yarrrrr".
After it was done, it just said "government information gatherer".


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